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    Gradient panel has nothing in it!


      At my job, I am on a Mac using OSX 10.4.11. We are using CS3. Some time ago (several months) I found that two things no longer worked for me in InDesign, which I use all the time. (I have been a print graphic designer for 30 years.... 22 of those using a Mac.... using InDesign since its initial beta issue)


      I can no longer make a gradient. When I open that panel, there is NOTHING on it. The only option in the pull down menu at the top right of the panel is "Hide Options" and even that is grayed out. What happened to it? (see screen shot below)



      Picture 1.png
      The other thing that does not work anymore is the spell-check function. When I try to use it, it does nothing. Even if I type incorrect spelling  intentionally... I click the button to start and it does nothing. Finds nothing.
      Anyone know what's going on with these two issues?