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    Cross Scripting Issue with IE9 and My Flex app

    G1Z Level 1

      Hi All,


      As you guys know with IE 9 , Microsoft has enabled the XSS ( Cross Scripting ) feature, to be safe enough with the phishing and online attacks.


      I have a problem with this being in place for my Flex app.


      From my Flex application I am trying to navigate to a C#service with a URL name and I use navigateToURL(URLName+ XML containig another URL as attribute) Method for this. Along with this URL,  I append an XML with some attribute fields one of which is a URL .


      Whats happening/the issue  here is that my Flex app is navigating to the URL mentioned in the navigateToURL() Method but because of the URL attribute in the XML I am appending to this URL. IE is giving me a warning message that because XSS is enforced now , it will not pass this URL attribute of the XML to the required destination.


      I tried using the security.Allowdomain and Loadpolicyfile methods but still the same issue. Anybody previously seenor came across simliar kind of situation, then please suggest me . Your help is much appreciated in this.