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    Premiere Pro 5.5 Bad Exports at Same Point


      Hi all, we're running PremPro 5.5 on a MAC to do a daily news production and have been doing just fine for a couple of months now.


      Just yesterday we've been having issues with our exports cutting to black at exactly 45" every.


      We're working with HD H264 as the source material (not ideal but due to the nature of our business we can't convert) and exporting as HD H264 and the pieces are roughly 1 min in length.


      As I said, it's been working perfectly for several months until yesterday.


      We swapped out footage, we tried exporting the clip beyond 45" and dropping in a native DV file and tried with different edits....always the same and dead on 45".


      So weird.


      Anyone got an idea as to what's happening??