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    Recommendation for a cheapo GPU to throw in older edit box

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      Full disclosure: I've only done a tiny bit of research, because I don't care about hardware the way most of you guys here do


      Knowing full well that I'm taking my fate into my own hands, I'm looking for the best GPU that I can throw into my older HP xw6400 (dual Xeon 5140s) and hack for some hardware MPE lovin'. My research department (heh) suggested that the GTS450 would be probably the best bet, since it doesn't require some additional power supply hook-up, blah blah blah. This system is going to be requisitioned for some largish SD-only projects that won't be too effect-heavy, but I want hardware MPE anyway for CC, etc.


      So, will a GTS450 jive with my system, and if so, is there a particular card or integrator that I should look at for this? I'll get something with 1GB of RAM, regardless.


      Thanks in advance, you tech heads