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    Different object placement for even\odd pages when importing PDF


      I have been tasked with importing multiple PDF files (each file has between 100 and 650 pages) and I am a complete newbie to Indesign/


      When I import a file (using the super cool MulipageImporter Script) I can place all the pages with the same offset (say -0.7,-0.7) which places the odd pages in the correct location, but the even pages need to be placed at (1,-0.7).  (the offsets will vary depending on the page size of the pdf)


      Does someone know of a script that allows this?

      Is there a modifcation that I can do to the MultipageImporter script that will allow this?


      The purpose of the shift is to have proper front to back impostion when printing these files through a laser printer, so that we can perfect bind into books.