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    CS5.5 Premiere → AE & RED audio disappearing

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Just talked my boss into upgrading CS5.5 (Mac) because we were having audio issues with CS5. So today I'm still getting this funky behavior when dealing with RED .R3D files in CS5.5


      I have some R3D clips edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5.  Every looks fine. Audio is synced.


      When I use AE CS5.5 and File> Import> Import Premiere Pro project…, I'm getting clips that don't have any audio. There's nothing in the waveform.


      But if I File> Import… the Premiere project as a footage item, the audio is fine. (But unfortunately, I lose my full-res 4K clips that I get with the Import>Import Premiere Pro project… method.


      There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason which clips will not have any audio and which will. It's maddening.


      And it's not clear when Import Premiere Pro project will break up layers into audio-only and video-only layers or have both audio & video in the same layer. (All my source RED footage has embedded audio tracks)