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    Export Problem ? Slices issue? Rollovers stopped working


      Hi, I'm new to prototyping in FW and running into a bit of a problem. My prototype was designed and working well in FW, I then went into make all the final "clean up" changes so it exported well. Organized loose ends and sliced up everything, it seems as soon as I finished all that none of my icons were working correctly. I had simple rollover on some and image swap on others. Now everything previews completely static and I don't know what the deal is? I've messed with it enough and now SOME pages are behaving correctly and some are not, but the menu is shared from the same index page anyway so it makes no sense to me? Also on the pages that are working "kind of" I've fixed how they behave probably 50 times, save and it seems like at some point it reverts back to what it was doing previously? SO frustrating. The weird thing is that some of these issues I'm having seem rather random so it's pretty hard for me to figure out what the problem is. Does my lack of function have anything to do with my slices/hotspots everywhere? My design is kind of round so they do over lap in spots? I would appreciate any help - I want to throw the thing out the window!!