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    USPS Print initialization causes Reader launch - never did before


      Mac 10.6.8

      Adobe Reader 10.1.0

      Safari Browser 5.1


      When using Click N Ship from USPS, at the print point, at least for the past number of years, when ok to print is clicked, the Adobe print initialization box popped open and you would select 'ok' to print.


      Since this past weekend, at a time when USPS redesigned and relaunched its site, though the system still functions basically the same way, whenever you go to print labels from within the site, the print initialization box does open, but adobe reader opens in full AND the system downloads the active labels as a PDF. 

      It never acted like this before.  Reported it to USPS.com as a bug, but wonder if there are some settings within Adobe that would stop this.  There is no need to have the pdf downloaded then displayed in reader, or for Reader to launch at all.


      Any help appreciated.