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    Auto-number page objects from master pages

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      Hello all! I'm trying to set up a photo contact sheet template in InDesign so that we can get rid of the one we're using in Word that's rather...clunky. The only caption underneath each photo will be a simple, basic number that increases sequentially. There are six photos per page. I dove into numbered lists for the first time and figured out how to make the numbered captions work on the regular document pages, but I am trying to avoid creating the caption text box objects there because these contact sheets could be anywhere from 10-40 pages, and it's much easier to just create a slew of new pages from a master page.


      When I transfer the number captions to the master page, the numbers are correctly sequenced when a single new document page is created from that master...but any additional document pages have the same sequential numbers (e.g. 1-6)! Is there a way to get around this?