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    Module - adding to display list, container null?


      So I'm working on a module inside one of our applications and when the module is loaded it is passed a VO.  I have found that I need to fire all of my other logic for the nested classes inside this module on the Set method of this VO because if I wait for the creationComplete, the nested logic in the other classes never gets executed.  The only problem is, when I fire off all of my logic on the Set, it all gets executed but when it goes to draw these components and add them to the display list, the container they're being added to is still null, I assume because it hasn't been created yet.  I also tried to add my components in the MXML and just bind their data value to the VO, but even when I do that, the inner logic never gets executed, I assume for the same reason.


      Has anyone else had this issue before or have any ideas on a way to solve this issue?  It almost feels like waiting for CreationComplete is too late, yet the Set method is too early.