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    Trapping ?


      We take in PDF files from our customers that we run through our RIPPing system (express RIP). This create another RIPPed PDF which we then place in an Indesign template for our platemaker.


      I have come across an issue today of a trapping problem that our RIP picked up, but doesn't appear in the original (unripped) PDF. My question is this, would the trapping info be coming from the original PDF (and the original files it was made from), or how indesign is sending it to my RIP.


      If I place both the original PDF and the RIPPed PDF in my indesign template and send to plates. The original one is fine, the RIPPed one has overprint in there.


      First time I've had this issue. The company who set up our ripping system is out of business. We had been told to run all pdfs through the rip and then use that pdf for printing. I run everything through Indesign.


      Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you.