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    Adobe Reader 9 - Runtime Error on Win Server 2003 terminal server


      One of my clients has a Citrix farm utilizing 3 Windows 2003 Servers. I have 1 user out of about 20 that receive this error message when opening up PDFs. Last week I had updated the servers from 9.1 to 9.4.5 thinking that it was just a result of an outdate or corrupted install of 9.1. User is still getting the error after update though. No other users have an issue opening PDFs. The error message looks like:


      I added the domain users group the the NTFS permissions on the root folder of user redirected folders with the "read/list folder contents", as outlined in similar articles, but this issue seems to be different because it's only 1 user getting the error. I did see something odd in the user's App Data\Adobe\Acrobat\ folder, it was missing a folder named 9.0. Almost like it didn't get installed for his profile. Anyone have any ideas?