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    Published audio has scratch sound - original doesn't

    tallscot Level 1

      Flash CS5.5


      I have a simple Flash movie that uses streaming audio of an imported WAV sound file that is a narrator speaking. The WAV file sounds fine. It sounds fine in the main timeline and if I play it outside of Flash.


      As soon as a publish it, though, the resulting SWF's sound has a weird scratch sound on certain words of the voiceover.


      It does this no matter what audio setting I use in the publish settings, except RAW. Sounds find RAW, but it's way too big.


      I do realize there are Event publish settings and Streaming publish settings. My publish settings are working fine, it's just the resulting sound file has the same scratch sound on the same words.


      I've had this issue with older versions of Flash before and never found a solution.


      BTW, it doesn't do this if I use Event sound, only streaming. However, I must use streaming to sync the animation.


      Anyone have any ideas?


      Thank you