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    Changing color without modifying existing items.. problem!



      I'm reletively new to flash, and am trying to modify a template and am running into a problem and I don't seem to know why Flash is acting so strange.

      I am going into a movie clip to edit the color of an item, and when I do so with a tint, it overrides any additional effects such as light, and text. The color appears almost as if it were just slapped on top of everything.

      When I edit the color in advanced mode, it is really a hit-or-miss to get the correct color, and will only modify when changing the offset RGB.

      And also when doing this, the text gradually changes color, for example: there are 4 items in total that I want to edit the color of. Each item is a different colored box with text on the front (for a main Navigation of the website). --- The first item, the text will stay white. Gradually through the second and third items it starts to change, and by the fourth / last item, the text is completely blue.

      Is it possible for a portion of text to be connected somehow to an object within the animation in a movieclip? If so, is it possible to go inside and edit this? -the shape, animation, and text?

      Is there an easier way to change the color of an item inside a movie clip? I can supply additional information if needed.. files etc.

      Am I doing something wrong / completely missing something?

      Thank you very much in advance for any help and/or advice!

      New Flasher,