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    Best file format/codec for 1920x1080 HD playback?


      What file format/codec are you finding provides the best, most stable and issue free playback of 1080 material within Director 11.5 in a Windows OS?


      Thanks in advance for your comments!



      Tallahassee, FL

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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          Did you try flashvideo h264 ( .f4v ).

          As all in Director, it's not issuefree.

          But you should give it a try.

          Also suggest to use a strong processor for that.




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            Dee McDee Level 2

            I would probably opt for an mp4 container which uses H264 for video compression and AAC for audio compression.


            To smoothly play 1080p video in Director, you will need a pretty powerful system (more powerful than would be necessary with VLC player for example).

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              KVI Level 1

              Thanks for those ideas.  I tried H.264 already with poor results, Flash didn't do any better.  I'm developing on an HP Z800 workstation with ample horsepower, however the installation will not have that level of performance.


              The installation is an upgrade of 720x486 anamorphic material which has been running on 16x9 displays with the displays scaling to fit full screen - quite cleanly.  I have uprez'd the material as I had hoped to push into a 1080 standard for future development, but it appears as though this is establishing too much demand on system resources or it's pushing application limitations.


              Now I'm leaning back towards my original thought which is to either create the entire projector as 720x486 anamorphic and let the displays scale - which they do well, or to create all text and graphics within a 1920x1080 frame and run the existing media in a window inside that frame.


              I suppose I need to stop drinking the Adobe Koolaid or at least discover what permutation of H.264 Adobe is referring to in this blurb:

              Strong video capabilities

              Create an enhanced multimedia experience using H.264-video integration that lets you play full-screen, high-definition video in your multimedia applications and games.



              Feel free to share any successes you've had in this realm!



              Tallahassee, FL

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                Mike Blaustein Level 4

                The best results I have had were with flv video running inside a flash swf.  So, basically, all your movie code is done in Flash (loading, toolbars, etc).  Then you bring that swf from Flash into Director and play it DTS.  It is a bit tedious to set up, but once it is working, it works really well.  Andyou can generally get away with higher bitrate videos which will display at higher quality.  And if you are using the latest iteration of Director (11.5.8), then it has full AS3 support so you can really do some fun things, including Flex components and whatnot.

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                  KVI Level 1



                  I ended up uprezing the original 486i mpeg 2 material to 720P mpeg2 using Sorenson Squeeze 7 with very acceptable results.  Playback within Director is supported by my trusty old standby - Tabulerio's MPEG Advance Xtra.