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    Dealing with layers from duplicated scenes


      I'm using Flash CS5.5. I had some unfinished work on flash 8 and I'm running actionScript

      2.0  In one of my scenes I had come up with a good button set up I wanted to use in all of my

      scenes. So I duplicated the scene, and proceeded to re-name my layers on

      the new scene according to the new content in the form of bitmaps. Well, on the output

      I got warnings such as: "duplicated label on layers". My SWF is still showing normally

      but I don't know what to do with the warnings. Is there something I should have done other than

      double clicking directly on the old labels on the layers and chaging their name?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are getting warnings for duplicate labels, then chances are you missed renaming some.  When you compile a file that uses scenes, all of the scenes are joined into one long timeline so it is best if you do not repeat the same labels in different scenes.  It could still work, but historically using scenes alone can be problematic when you mix in navigation (I will not use them in my own work), nevermind complicating it with label duplications.