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    Laptop Questions


      Due to recent events in my life, I need to dismantle my main editing rig and get a laptop. I don't do a TON of video editing, but I would like the ability to do so if I can with a laptop. I know there are a lot of performance bottlenecks I will run into running Production Premium CS5 on a laptop, but I'm going to have to live with them for the time being...I haven't been doing any hardcore editing lately anyway;-) I do, however, use Photoshop & Bridge quite a bit, but I still want enough grunt in my system to churn out a video if I want to;-)

      I'm currently leaning toward purchasing a Lenovo W520, but the HP Elitebooks have intrigued me, but they seem to have some quality issues.

      Also, I have four 1TB WD Caviar Blacks sitting on my desk waiting to be used for something and I was thinking of buying either a USB 3.0 or eSATA external enclosure to house them, so I can use them for my editing projects...and store my iTunes, which is 2TB by itself;-)


      Here is the system I have configured over at Lenovo:


      Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Mobile Workstation

      • Processor:Intel Core i7-2720QM Processor (2.20GHz, 6MB L3)
      • Operating system:Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64
      • Display type:15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) LED Backlit Anti-Glare Display, Mobile Broadband Ready
      • System graphics:NVIDIA Quadro 1000M Graphics with 2GB DDR3 Memory
      • Color sensor:Color Sensor
      • Total memory:4 GB DDR3 - 1333MHz (1 DIMM)
      • Pointing device:UltraNav with TrackPoint & touchpad plus Fingerprint reader
      • Camera:720p Camera
      • Storage subsystem:Internal RAID - Not Enabled
      • Hard drive:500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm
      • Optical device:DVD recordable multiburner
      • System expansion slots:Express Card Slot & 4 in 1 Card Reader
      • Battery:9 cell Li-Ion Battery - 55++
      • Bluetooth:Bluetooth 3.0
      • Integrated WiFi wireless LAN adapters:Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (3x3 AGN)
      • Accessories and options:2YR Onsite + 2YR ThinkPad Protection


      NOTE: I only have 4GB of RAM configured on the machine coming from the factory because I plan on installing 16GB as soon as it gets here.



      Would I see a bigger performance boost from upgrading the processor to the next step up (2820QM 2.3GHz w/ 8MB Cache), or the GPU to the Quadro 2000M?


      Any thoughts are welcome;-)

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          Frédéric Segard Level 2

          I've been in the same situation 3 years ago. Had to get rid of my dual Xeon with AJA LHe in favor of a laptop. I regretted it a few months down the road. But hey... divorce, recession, needed the cash! So I feel your present pain.... and especially, your future pain in a year or two when the laptop becomes unbearable to use... hehehe  Good luck in your endeavors.


          As for the the configuration, do you have a budget limitation? It looks like a system that will work well. But it is largely dependant on what you will be doing, what your workflow is, and what type of footage you use. The obvious dissadvantage of a laptop, is the inability to upgrade later on (except RAM and HD). So get the best you can afford, because down the road, you'll kick yourself for not having done so.


          GPU: H.264 is the worst codec CPU wise, so that extra gain will be better (also, 8MB of cache is better then 6MB). Will it be night and day? No! But it will give you an edge. If the price difference is too ludicrous, then it's not worth it. But $200 is not that bad of a deal. The step above that one is a bit heart wrenching at $750 more for 2.5GHz.


          GPU: The 2000 is faster then the 1000. That's always good for MPE. And anyone that buys into CS5 and CS5.5 is very appreciative of MPE. And anyone saying MPE, is saying, "get the best GPU you can afford". At $250, it seems reasonable for a Quadro class card.


          Having an integrated monitor calibrator is a wonderful thing.

          Using your existing drives in USB3 enclosures is a good idea! As well as getting more affordable RAM from your local dealer.


          Again, it depends on your budget.