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    How do I find the book library within ADE

    marilyn 49

      I've just installed ADE 1.7.2 on my PC (Windows XP) & found the sample library, but as yet have not found the main library so that I can download books to my e reader. Where do I find the library within the ADE site?

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          I'm not sure exactly what question you're asking.  ADE doesn't come with a

          'sample library' (preloaded with ebooks) as some ereaders do.  So, maybe I

          can help by going through the process.  If you know this already, I

          apologize for repeating the obvious.


          After you download ADE and register it with Adobe, it will open on your PC

          in Library mode.  You'll see a split screen.  The Bookshelf area is on the

          left, while a list of all the ebooks and epublications you have loaded will

          be on the right.  The right hand side will be blank if you haven't

          downloaded any ebooks.  The left hand side will show you 'bookshelves',

          which are like file folders that you can create to categorize any ebooks you

          download - but only if you want to.  For example, you can create a bookshelf

          for all 'fiction', or 'romance' ebooks, etc.  You can use the main (default)

          bookshelf for all your ebooks and epublications without doing this.


          ADE is an independent software system, so it's not linked to any particular

          publisher, like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  So you have lots of sites with

          ebooks that you can download to your PC.  If you want to buy an ebook,

          Amazon and B&N use proprietary tags in their ebooks that cannot be read by

          ADE, so you can't go there.  Borders and SONY ebooks can be downloaded

          without such problems.   You can do an internet search for 'ebooks' or 'free

          ebooks' and find lots of sites.  The classics are available in several

          places, including Gutenberg.org, manybooks.net and some others.


          The key to the download is what format you use.  ADE supports 'epub', 'html'

          and 'pdf' epublications.  When you do a download, be sure to specify one of

          those formats.  When you press the ENTER key, the website will ask you

          whether you want to 'OPEN' or 'SAVE' the ebook.  You want to 'SAVE' the

          ebook.  When you're done downloading, disconnect from the website and open

          up ADE on your computer.  You should see the ebook listed in the Library



          You can load ebooks to your computer directly and then import them into ADE

          as well.  That's a different process, however.  If that's what you want to

          do, then repost and we can go through it.


          Hope this helps!


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            marilyn 49 Level 1

            Thanks for that info. I've just bought my first eReader (it uses ADE) & the way I read the instruction booklet made me think that ADE held a library from which I could download books. My mistake.

            Re your advice that when I sign on, the library page opens with bookshelves to the left etc. In fact, when I sign on, the Adobe Home page opens, at My Account. There's no sign of any library function. If I search for "library", I'm taken to the Sample Library page with the list of sample books down the left. I've copied one of these to my eReader OK. As yet, I haven't downloaded an ebook from another site (Borders etc).

            The function that you mentioned at the end of your message (loading books directly to my computer & transferring them to ADE) would be useful. My local municipal library has ebooks that I have downloaded but until now I haven't had a portable reader to transfer them to. Could you run through that proceedure for me, please.

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              Marilyn, I think you misunderstood my comment about 'signing in'.  You do

              that on the Adobe website once, and it will register your use of ADE.  When

              you have installed ADE on your computer, you should have an icon on your

              desktop, which says 'Adobe Digital Editions'.  When you click on that and

              open it, ADE will display the Library page on your computer.


              Many if not most libraries give you an option that lets you pick the file

              type you want to download (the same is true for many ebook sites).  If you

              picked 'epub' or 'Adobe epub' from their option, the download process should

              have opened ADE on your computer and given you a choice of whether to OPEN

              or SAVE the ebook.  Either way, the process would load the ebook directly

              into ADE - and would open ADE in Reading mode if you said 'OPEN'.  You don't

              mention whether you downloaded your library ebooks before or after you

              installed ADE.  If you downloaded them before, then they were stored on your

              hard drive.


              I don't know your level of comfort with things technical on your PC, so I

              have to make some assumptions.  The first one is that you are comfortable

              with Windows file management and can use it to find files on your PC.  In

              this case, it will be your downloaded ebooks.  The most common application

              to use to do that is Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) because it

              lets you look at all of the files and folders on your PC. My comments below

              presumes you can do that.


              The process to bring ebooks on your hard drive into ADE is relatively easy,

              but you have to know where the ebook is on your hard drive.  You start by

              opening ADE in Library view.  Put your cursor over the word 'Library' and a

              small arrow will appear next to it.  Put your cursor over that arrow, and a

              drop-down menu will appear.  Pick 'Add Item To Library' from the list and

              click on it.


              A menu will appear that lets you specify what file/ebook your want to add.

              It's virtually the same menu as one in Windows Explorer, and lets you browse

              the hard drive to find the file.  When you have found it, click on it, and

              it should appear in the box at the bottom.  Then, click on OK and ADE will

              show that ebook in its Library view on the right hand side.  You can repeat

              this process for any and all ebooks you downloaded before you installed ADE.


              Transferring the ebook to your ereader is relatively easy as well, BUT it

              won't work properly unless ADE has recognized your ereader.  You have to

              start that process by plugging in the ereader to your computer's USB port,

              and waiting until Windows shows you that it's recognized with a drive

              letter.  When that's done, you log onto the ereader's website and follow

              their instructions for registering the ereader with them.  During that

              process, use your Adobe ID when asked, to allow ADE to recoginze your

              ereader.  When that process is completed, log off that website.  Wait a few

              moments until the ereader finishes updating itself, and then open ADE on

              your computer.  ADE should recognize your ereader and list it in the left

              hand side of the Library view (that's called the bookshelf side).  ADE might

              ask you to authorize the ereader during this process, and you can do that

              with a click or two.


              Once the ereader shows up, the process for transferring ebooks is easy -

              just drag and drop.


              You can go online to a bookstore or library with the ereader connected to

              ADE, download an ebook to ADE and then drag and drop now.


              When you're done doing transfers, you can close ADE.  Your ereader will

              update itself for a few moments, and when it's done, you can disconnect it.


              I hope this helps.  If not, just ask more questions....



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                marilyn 49 Level 1

                Thanks for the helpful & thorough advice. I hadn't spotted the ADE icon - now all works very well & I've downloaded a book from my local library w/out any problems. Cheers.