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    Is there a Plug in for microsoft dvr-ms files for Premiere CS5

    Vacuatus1 Level 1

      I am trying to archive all my old video tapes and began importing them using windows live photo gallery. Things went very well and it was very simple to use using my old firewire camcorder. The files even got chopped into pieces dependant on where I stopped and started recordings. Finally The file format that was recorded was a .AVI file which was perfect for me to use in Adobe Premiere.

      I stopped for a while (doing the archiving) and finally started up again recently. I began to archive my more recent video tapes which were recorded with a newer high def camcorder a canon HV 20.


      I plugged the camcorder in to firewire and it showed up on the devices list in windows live photo gallery. The problem I am having is that WLPG captures the file as a dvr-ms file which I never heard of. I did research and found it is the format MS uses for recording TV. It also captures it in one huge chunk and does not break it up into scenes. Also it does not display a thumbnail. Adobe Premiere does not support this format and I cant find a plug in to use it. I am sure their are format changing software out there to convert dvr-ms files to Avi, but I dont want to do it twice. I know I can use Premiere to capture as an AVI file but I really like the way WLPG organizes photos and videos.


      Is there a plug in for dvr-ms files in Premiere CS5?

      Thanks for your help!