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    button hit state not working


      Hi, I made a few buttons for my .fla and all the states are working but the hit state.


      So just to see what the problem was I made a new button, which is only text at each stage, so for up i wrote up, down down etc,

      all the states work but hit, what gives???


      hit is after someone clicks it it should be at the hit state correct?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Nope. Hit is the shape that will trigger a rollover/click area.


          Normally the hit state is determined by the artwork in the up state and then the over state once you've rolled over, but sometimes you need to override that with an area different area. That is the hit state. But you don't need to put anything there.


          Test it out. Make a circle on the other states and then put a larger square in the hit. Then check out how it works.

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            jack77766 Level 1

            ah never would have guessed that =)

            So I guess there is no once clicked state...anoying