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    Match color effect (saved previously)  to a quicktime made of 300 frames


      I would like to know if it is possible to create a script so I can apply the Match color effect (saved previously as a match1.sta)  to a quicktime made of 300 frames at least ? I was looking at action loop but no luck. This the link http://forums.adobe.com/message/3827383#3827383

      Is there already a script like that that I could copy or write?


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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          You could try the following, but it only affects top level layers.

          Make sure to enter the correct path of your sta-file instead of »/Volumes/Backup HD/photoshop/matchColors/aaa.sta«.


          If you want to give it a try, paste the following text into a new file in ExtendScript Toolkit (part of Photoshop’s installation, Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities/ExtendScript Toolkit CS4 or /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities-CS5/ExtendScript Toolkit CS5) and save it as a jsx-file into Photoshop’s Presets/Scripts-folder.

          After restarting Photoshop the Script should be available under File > Scripts and can be assigned a Keyboard Shortcut directly, recorded into an Action, (in CS4 and CS5) be used in a Configurator-Panel or started from ExtendScript Toolkit directly.


          // color match all top level pixel layers;
          // 2011; use it at your own risk;
          #target photoshop
          // define document;
          if (app.documents.length > 0) {
               var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
               var statistics = "/Volumes/Backup HD/photoshop/matchColors/aaa.sta";
               for (var m = 0; m < myDocument.layers.length; m++) {
                    var theLayer = myDocument.layers[m];
                    if (theLayer.kind == LayerKind.NORMAL) {
                         myDocument.activeLayer = theLayer;
                         matchColors (statistics)
          ////// match colors //////
          function matchColors (statistics) {
          // =======================================================
          var idmatchColor = stringIDToTypeID( "matchColor" );
              var desc2 = new ActionDescriptor();
              var idLght = charIDToTypeID( "Lght" );
              desc2.putInteger( idLght, 100 );
              var idClrR = charIDToTypeID( "ClrR" );
              desc2.putInteger( idClrR, 100 );
              var idFade = charIDToTypeID( "Fade" );
              desc2.putInteger( idFade, 0 );
              var idfsel = charIDToTypeID( "fsel" );
              desc2.putBoolean( idfsel, true );
              var idSrce = charIDToTypeID( "Srce" );
              desc2.putPath( idSrce, new File( statistics ) );
          executeAction( idmatchColor, desc2, DialogModes.NO );

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            CS5_CC Level 1

            Also I found this link for those intersted. Thanks