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    Is my PC up to scratch for HD video editing??


      I am in need of help. I have been using CS3 (newer versions not available for xp64) and I am experiencing terrible lag when previewing footage.

      I have followed every tutorial, every troubleshoot, every technique on the planet to stop it from 50gb scratch discs, preview optimising etc.

      I want to ask if this set up is powerful enough. I build it for gaming some years ago to top specifications. I know it's old now but it still runs the latest games without a hitch.


      M2N32 Sli Deluxe MOBO

      AMD 64 FX-62 dual core CPU

      Samsung 4GB x DDR800 RAM

      Nvidia 7950GX-2 1GB GPU

      2 x Samsung 400GB SATA HDD

      Windows XP 64bit Pro

      Adobe Premier CS


      For those who understand it, these are the camera settings I am using


      Canon 7D. 24fps PAL RAW High Quality.


      When I watch footage in media player it's perfect. I have searched a few forums and apparently this PC should do the HD tango just fine.


      Any advice would be great, thanks.