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    Pasting text into Title screen

    Rossiter Level 1

      I'm using titles within PPro CS5.


      I've got a text box set up with three lines of text within the safe markers of the screen.


      However, if I paste text into the text box, sometimes some words get cut in half if they don't fit on a single line.


      It does correctly wrap the text onto the next line, but doesn't even hyphenate the word it cuts in two.


      I cope cope in English, but I'm putting Portuguese subcaptions onto a programme - so sometimes it cuts a long Portuguese word in half, and pastes half on the next line.


      I'll be able to type fluent Portuguese by the end of this, but for now it's fraught with danger!


      Is there a setting I've missed to stop it doing this?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Unfortunately, PPro's titler doesn't seem to have a hyphenation option. Even using Photoshop to design the text, and then copying and pasting into the Titler doesn't preserve the hyphenation; the words break and wrap at different places.


          Possible workaround: do your subs in Photoshop. You could even use a database to automatically generate the subs, so essentially you design a "template" PSD, point it at the database file, and hit go; you'll end up with sequentially named/numbered PSDs with proper formatting/hyphenation. I guess it depends how far in the process you are already.


          Another workaround: get an intern


          BTW, a feature request would probably be good: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            Rossiter Level 1

            Colin, many thanks for your prompt reply - at least you confirmed I wasn't missing something obvious!


            The PPro titler is so much better than it used to be - I guess I should be more forgiving.


            But now it's cutting my long Spanish words in half.... I feel doomed to failure!


            We're doing more sub-caption work nowadays - I need to look for a better way to do this, as Titler isn't quite good enough.


            If anyone has other suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear!


            Thanks, Linda

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              If I am reading your problem correctly, this little tip might help.


              When you have the Text in the Text Block (make sure that its Selected to see the Bounding Box), and the word(s) is/are truncated, click+drag on the right-hand side of the Bounding Box, and drag it until the word is complete, then click+drag it back, say to the Title Safe Margin line, and let the word drop down a line. This does NOT make up for the lack of hyphenation, which would be a good Feature Request.


              Good luck,



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                Rossiter Level 1

                Bill, Thank you - yes, I've just tried this and it's easier than manually putting in a return.


                I'll also put hyphens on the wishlist.


                Thanks, Linda

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6



                  You definitely should have a go with Photoshop, then. Using a database and a template PSD, you can create dozens/hundreds/thousands of graphic files with relatively little effort, particularly if your subtitles are already in a text document or spreadsheet. I had a project that required over 800 lower thirds, and the client kept changing her mind on the design of them! By using PS and a database (I made the client do all the data entry), I was able to quickly and relatively effortlessly change and update the graphics as the edit progressed.


                  Check out this section of the PS help docs: Adobe Photoshop CS5 * Creating data-driven graphics. I might be able to do a screen recording/tutorial to demonstrate this, if you need a bit of a jumpstart.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I also agree with Colin on PS. For similar Projects, I usually start in Adobe Illustrator (more control over Type and especially glyphs), and then move to PS for the final, plus Rasterization.


                    Good luck, and as you mention, Titler has improved over time, but could be better. I feel that it should never be a "word processor," but could be just a bit more feature-laden.



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                      Rossiter Level 1

                      Oh, I've just read the Photoshop files. Now I'm excited... this could save me hours.


                      I'll do a proper test run tomorrow, and come back with questions if it's not obvious.


                      Many thanks to you both. Thanks, Linda

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6



                        Shoot me a PM if you need any details. There are a few quirks to the process that can cause headaches if you don't know why they're happening. I'll be happy to help you get started. Good luck!

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                          Rossiter Level 1

                          Colin, huge success here today - this is brilliant!


                          Now I've started on such a time-saving method, I'm sure you can this of an answer to the next bit:


                          I've got a PPro timeline with a video. It needs French supcations.


                          So I've now added 100 .psd caption files to track 2 - called french_01.psd etc.




                          Next I need to make it in Spanish.


                          I generate the next batch of captions - now called spanish_01.psd etc.


                          But then I have to re-link 100 files in PPro.


                          In typing this out, I suspect that the first problem is that the file names for each language should be the same, just kept in a different folder.


                          Hopefully you can see my problem and offer the simple answer?!



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                            Colin Brougham Level 6

                            Hi Linda,


                            I understand the predicament. Let me think on this one a little bit; I think I have an idea as to how you can avoid much, if any, manual reworking for additional languages in the subtitles. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


                            (Glad it's worked so far, though!)

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Just thinking here, as I have only done limited Subtitles in Encore.


                              If you are able to create your necessary files in PS, and say have French on Video Track 2, if you put Spanish on Video Track 3, you can Disable whichever Video Track you do not need, and it will not be viewed in preview, nor Exported - just the one(s) that you have enabled.


                              For Import of the various languages, I would keep each in its separate Bin, which I would guess you are already doing.


                              If I missed something (early in the AZ Desert), just ignore my comments.




                              PS - Colin's PS tips are neat, and taught me something - thanks!