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    Premiere vs. OS X Spaces


      I have my main PP CS5.5 Workspace set up with multiple windows (to span multiple displays, although this bug exists with multiple windows on a single display as well). The workspace is great, but when used in conjunction with Spaces, PP blithely moves my 2nd window to whichever Space I switch to, so my UI is unceremoniously split between two Spaces. To get everything back in the same Space, I have to click in the 2nd window and switch back to the original space. Pain.


      The main window (the one with the project path/filename in the titlebar) is not affected, but any other PP windows will all move over to the wrong space. I minimally reproduced this with an empty main window (not even Options, Timeline, or Tools--completely blank), and 2nd window with only an Options or Tools panel.


      I can reproduce the problem without the 2nd display (two windows on primary display). This occurred in CS5 as well, but I didn't try to troubleshoot then.


      The same problem occurs in AE.


      No other app I have behaves like this with modal windows, including other CS5.5 apps (Illustrator, Ps, ID, DW, Flash Pro).


      I have tried (or otherwise ruled out):

      • Keeping my entire UI in one window that spans my displays -- the displays are offset and have completely different geometries.
      • Setting Premiere Pro to always open in a specific space in the Spaces Application Assignments. This did not help.
      • Turfing preferences -- I also effectively did this when I reinstalled the OS on a new boot drive. No difference in either case.


      The only semi-practical workaround I've found is to only switch Spaces with keyboard shortcuts. This problem only seems to occur when activating the Spaces overview (default F8).


      My system is a 2010 12-core Mac Pro (10.6.8). All CS5.5 software is up to date.


      Any ideas on how to fix or troubleshoot further?