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    iPhone touch


      I'm running Director on the iPhone via Air Display, the touch screen does not register mouseDown, I have found a similar problem with Director exe's running on Windows tablets, a touch on the screen is not registered, so I am unable to turn on a hilite to indicate a successful touch. Any suggestions as to what script I could use?

      Thanks  Ron.

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          Have you tried this multitouch xtra from Valentin :






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            ronbird Level 1

            Cheers Brahim

            Its a Windows extra, and I run Macs, however I do have Director on a Windows machine and shall take a look as soon as I am able.
            Many thanks for the tip. Ron

            PS the Win Director does not run too well using the Parallels Desktop on a Mac. I have got no further than you cant turn Matte on for the text background..... well, you can turn it on, but the text remains in Copy mode.

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              ronbird Level 1

              Brahim, Thanks for the xtra but it has made no difference. I've tested it on a Zoostorm Windows Touch tablet (www.zoostorm.com) and it does nothing unfortunately.

              I've since noticed that not even the Windows applications see a touchDown. If you plug in a mouse and click on a button you then see a mouseDown, but try the same with a finger and the buttons do not register anything until you remove your finger (it does not work with the iPhone via Air Display either).


              General question for all out there. Can you find a Windows touch PC/laptop/tablet that sees a touch down? The best thing to do is go to the Control Panel select any item and see if the Browse, OK, Cancel etc buttons go down when you touch them. If they do, please tell me what make/model. Thanks everyone, Ron