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    Acrobat XPro - Booklet Printing Backside Upside Down


      I am having difficulty booklet printing with a Xerox Workcentre 7545PS.

      I have searched here (and everywhere) already and every answer seems to be the same "check the printer settings for long/short

      side 2 page printing" or whatever your printers terminology is.

      Well I have done that and the settings work perfectly well in Word directly but in Acrobat XPro NOTHING seems to affect the out come!

      Regardless of the settings, either in the Print dialog or with the printer settings, all combinations result in upside down backside prints :-(

      I am having to resort to printing the Backside first then rotate the stock into the bypass tray, then print the Frontside, not the best solution.

      My feeling is that this maybe another job for a update, like the "have to delete page twice to get one page deleted" scenario.


      Anyone any ideas?

      Or am I right in my assumption?

      Cheers all