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    Flash animation with stream sound not playing in mac


      Dear all,

      I have made a 5 min animation with stream sound. Its playing perfectly in PC. But in mac, its not playing. Stream sound starts from frame 60. So mac plays the swf plays till 60 frame, after that it pauses. I tried importing different sound format (wav, aif, mp3) and tried with all sound export setting but the problem remain same; its playing only till 60. When i removed the sound, it played till end. Even with event sound, it plays till end. But with stream sound, the problem. The problem is only in mac; in pc its perfect.

      I am using VMware Mac OS x leopard in window xp for testing purpose. I tested it in laptop with mac; but the problem is same. What could be the solution?

      Thanks in advance. Waiting for solution.

      Bhushan Pradhan