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    Print Dialog box does not appear


      We have a Windows 2003 terminal server with Acrobat Reader X 10.1


      The problem is that when you open up a PDF document and try to print it, the print dialog box does not appear and the reader just sits there until you eventually have to close the acrobat reader x application. The problem only started to happen yesterday. The problem does not happen for all users, only some of them, even though they are on the same server, so I am not sure if it is related to the users profile, but why did it start all of a sudden.


      I was originally running version 10.0.1 when the problem first occured so I upgraded to ver 10.1 and the problem is still there.


      There are multiple printers set up on the server and all are contactable from what I can see. They are all in a ready state and I can send a test paeg to all printers.


      I was thinking I could remove the reader and then reinstall or I can downgrade to ver 9, these steps would be a last resort.


      I have seen other people with the same problem but no solution as yet.

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          I work in Desktop Support for the Forest Service and I have a user who has exactly the problem you describe. I have no solution for this problem but I will give you some information about what we have found and a temporary workaround to get the item to print (at least for my user!).


          A) The symptom my user sees:


          The print dialog box does not appear--- however a very thin upright blue line appears at the far left of of the user's Desktop. The Adobe Document window title bar becomes a slightly diminished color indicating that window is no longer the active window. That upright blue line is a darker blue indicating it is the active "window".


          We thought that the print dialog window was off the screen (just showing the right edge of the Print Dialog Box window) so we tried various ways to move that line to show the print dialog window. Finally the only way we were able to move the line was this: 1) hit the [alt]+[space] keys, 2) selected the "move" item in the drop-down list that appeared, 3) Used the arrow key to move the line. When the line moved,  though, it did not display the Print Dialog Box Window but was just an upright blue line!



          B) Attempts to solve the problem:


          1) We logged onto the computer with the problem with a different profile and the problem still occurred.


          2) Another thing we tried was using a different printer driver (a PCL rather than a PS driver). That did not work.


          3) We also tried uninstalling and the re-installing Adobe Reader (10.1) but that did not work either.



          C) Now for the workaround my user uses:


          We selected to print the PDF document, and even though the Print Dialog Box doesn't appear... we find that if it had, then the default printer is where the print would go and the [OK] button would be selected. By us just pressing the [ENTER] key then the PDF document printed on the default printer!


          Also, if the user has a different printer he wants where the Document will print... then all he need to do is to make that printer the default before asking Adobe Reader to print the document.


          PS to JMV.01... downgrading to version 9x or earlier is a bad solution since that version and earlier ones have security issues.

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            Fsttt Level 1

            This problem appears to have other symptoms as well.... this is what my user saw when attempting to go ahead and use Adobe Reader:


            "I noticed there are blank boxes inside the application. When I go to the edit menu and go to preferences. that box is completely blank. Also in the same menu, protection, secutiry properties, and manged trusted identities, on this window I have to bring up the task assistant to get out. I have tried multiple printers and plotters as my default printer but this did not help."


            Since I have been unable to locate anything on the web regarding this problem, the next thing I will try is just to re-image the user's computer and see if THAT will resolve this issue.

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              I'm still with the problem of no print Dialog box but I also have a 2nd user seeing the same problem (we have around 40k users in the Forest Service)..

              I asked both users what type of computer and what common applications they have:


              user 1 computer:     HP DC7800

              user 2 computer:     HP DC7900


              common applications:


              1) GIS

              2) Google Earth

              3) DNR Garmin


              I mentioned re-imaging the Laptop in my last post. However the user is unwilling to go that route because of all the re-install of his productivity applications which must occur after the computer is re-imaged.


              PS: To any and all users who view this post... if ANYONE has a similar problem, please put a comment about it in this post with:


              1) The make and model of the computer experiencing the problem

              2) 3rd party applications installed on the problem computer


              I am trying to gather information regarding this problem so it can be troubleshot and eventually solved.

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                You probably have this solved by now (July 2012), but the print dialog box requires the Segoe font to be installed. One would think Adobe would use Arial or some more common font, but who knows how they think?