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    SoftKeyboard not hiding when dropdown is clicked


      I'm working in a TabbedViewNavigatorApplication and have run into an issue with the softKeyboard.  When the user is filling out a form and is on a textInput field, fills out their info, they should not have to click "Done" to minimize the keyboard.  If the next field is a dropdown(component I created using SkinnablePopupContainer), they should be able to click the dropdown and the keyboard go away.  Currently, the dropdown will open, they keyboard stays up, and the textInput seems to have focus.  Oddly enough, the dropdown also has focus.  The user is able to select something from the dropdown or type on the keyboard and it will go into the textInput.


      I have tried using setFocus() and focusManager, neither of which are working.  Are there still no ways to directly control whether the keyboard is visible?  See below screenshot....thanks for any help.