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    Need help figuring out if my problem is Catalyst!

    Liz@chesco Level 1



      We've used Flash Catalyst on our new website, and our second segment hasn't quite met the expectations of our client/co-workers.



      Link to main page Catalyst:




      Link to newest Catalyst page:






      The video that plays on start of the second page plays VERY slowly on some PCs, and I've been asked to troubleshoot. I don't think it's something within Catalyst, but I'm hoping somebody more experienced with Catayst could confirm, or suggest other posibilities.


      The video was exported from Google Sketchup as an .avi file, then converted to .flv in Media Encoder. The .flv file is 1536 KB. The .swf file is 1425 KB. I am aware that the vedeo isn't exactly smooth, an effort to keep the file from getting too large, but it should just take 10-12 seconds.



      Any/all help and suggestions would be greatly apprciated!