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    How to extends RemoteObject and use it in mxml ?


      Hi !

      I'm trying to make my own implementation of the RemoteObject to use it in Mxml Code.


      I have extended the RemoteObject class like this :


          import mx.rpc.remoting.mxml.RemoteObject;
          public dynamic class CustomRO extends RemoteObject
              public function CustomRO (destination:String=null)


      Then, i would like to use it in a mxml file like this :


              <local:CustomRO >

                  <local:method name="method"

              </local:CustomRO >



      I have the following error (its in french)

      Impossible de résoudre <local:method > en une implémentation de composant.

      Seems to be "Unableto solve <local:method > in an implementation of component"


      So, how can I define methods for my custom remoteObject ?