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    Text Variable

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      I want to define a text variable that uses a paragraph style but the paragraph starts with numbers followed by a n space. Something like this:


      2.1.3.«n space» Lorem ipsum


      How do i set the variable in a way that the number and the n space will be ignored by it?


      Thank you in advance.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you aying the paragraph style includes a numbered list, and you want to remove the numbering?


          If so, change the the style definition, if you can, to also include a nested character style that does absolutley nothing to the entire paragraph. In other words, the character style should be blank except for the name. Then, because the character style is not applied to the automatically generated numbers, instead of using the paragraph style you can base your variable onthe character style.

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            Maria964 Level 1

            Hi, Peter. Thank you very much.

            the number list is manual, not generated by Indesign. Until now i have been using the solution you are proposing. But I have to apply the character style manualy because I do not see a way of applying a nested style to the end part of the paragraph (I think that I can only apply a nested style «through» or «up to» something.).


            2.1.3«n space»Lorem ipsum


            I apply a style to this paragraph and then mannually I have to apply a character style to Lorem ipsum. The text variable is based on the char style. I have to do this manualy but I need an automatic solution.


            I see that in text variables I can, for example, use «Delete End Pontuation». What I need is to delete the numbers in the biguining



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You can apply None through 1 space, then your name-only style through anything that will take you to the end of the paragraph (one sentence, if that's all there is, or the ever-popular end nested style here character which doesn't even need to appear in the paragraph to make a style apply all the way to the end.

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                Maria964 Level 1

                Thank you Peter. Nice solution. That solved the problem...