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    Lost books during system crash


      We had to reinstall the operating system because of a system crash, which meant losing the Adobe Digital Editions book library - i.e. it's no longer on the computer. I installed and activated Digital Editions using my Adobe login. I don't have any of the comfirmation email describing the books I bought. I can't remember who I bought them from. I know this sounds like mission impossible, but if anyone has any suggestions - I'm all ears.

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          I also had to reinstall my operating system, and then reinstall ADE.  When I opened ADE, there was nothing in my library.  I did find all my books in My Documents/My Digital Editions.  I manually moved them into ADE, and they are all there now, but all with the date I manually moved them.  It seems to me that if you reinstall ADE and have a My Digital Editions folder, ADE should automatically point to it to find your books.  I'm happy to have my books in ADE now, but I'm kind of anal in that I wanted to be able to see when I purchased them.  Did I miss something in the reinstall that would have pointed ADE in the right direction to My Digital Editions?


          BTW, Sparrofart, did you have your files backed up and reinstalled on your computer?  If you lost all your data, I don't think you will be able to retreive your books through ADE.  If you purchased through B&N, they keep a library of all your downloads there.  I think Borders did that too, but I don't know how they are going to proceed with that now that they are closing up shop.