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    FB 4.5 setup-filter error on boot of IDE

    Energetic Pixels

      I have a setup filter error that has crept into my development arena.  But I dont understand how to correct it.setup-Filter_errorOnFB451boot.jpg

      Does any one know how to correct it???


      This started when I was trying to follow the Adobe tutorial "Hello World: Build a mobile app in five minutes".  I thinking that the above issue is causing my app to not be pushed to my andriod device.  The app works just fine when I tell FB 4.5 to display it on the desktop.



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          Energetic Pixels Level 1

          OK. I have figured out that this problem is definately associated with the workspace itself.  When I tell FB to switch to another workspace, I don't get the error.  To prove my point (to myself) I generated a fresh workspace and then imported my project (fxb file) into it.  The above error does not show up.


          So is there any way to repair the workspace???  This workspace has a lot of projects in it.  I use it for my learning 'arena' for FB and flex in general.  It is alot of work to export all the projects and then import them into the new workspace.  But if that is the only way, then I guess I know what I am doing this weekend.


          Any suggestions???




          Windows XP (SP3) Running Flash Builder for PHP 4.5 (SDK updated manually with 4.5.1).

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            anirudhs Level 2

            Create a new workspace, choose File -> Import -> General -> Existing projects into workspace. Point to your old workspace.


            That should do the trick.