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    Best method of storing/receiving data


      I'm goofing around with developing a Flash game that would be accessible via a Facebook application but am still trying to figure out how I want to organize the game itself. The game essentially is an educational game with competitive components - completing tests faster results in more points with which you can customize your avatar and other items in the game. Also, passing certain "lessons" open up new lessons. So the major components I see are:


      - Player data storage (scores, progress, etc.)

      - Social connections - transference of rewards, comparing high scores, etc.

      - Lesson data (what questions to ask, possible answers, etc.)


      How is this best controlled? PHP and SQL? XML? Should I use datagrids as an intermediary? I'm having a lot of problems finding good information, both on the internet and at the bookstore about how to manage this. If only I had access to the source for the more popular Facebook games...