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    ItemRenderer disappearing/appear components with databinding




      I have a funny situation where I have a databound advanceddatagrid to a list of objects with each object representing a row.  In that datagrid, I have a combobox renderer that will show either a label or a combobox depending on the data of another column.  When the data in the "controller row" changes, i set the combobox in the renderer to visible false.  The combobox successfully disappears - for a split second.  It then gets redrawn a second later!


      I found out that if i removed the "bindable" in those databound objects, the issue disappears.  Can anyone explain why this is happening?  What flex does under the covers to cause this to happen?  Also, how would i work around this.  Make the row object still bindable, but prevent this "flickering" situation.


      Thanks in advance.