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    HELP!!! My Flash Builder got compiler issues with AIR projects.

    flexy8 Level 1

      Ok, I'll recount what I've been doing so you understand my problem that this is in fact a compiler problem. Please help!!


      First, I built a project with custom components located on a library project. One of the custom components, I created a datagrid with a dynamic data provided to it. Then I set showDataTip and dataTipField properties... E.g.:



      <s:DataGrid id="putsDg" width="700" dataProvider="{feed}"

                         showDataTips="true" dataTipField="name">



      <s:GridColumn dataField="name" headerText="Name"/>

      <s:GridColumn dataField="album" headerText="Album"/>

      <s:GridColumn dataField="price" headerText="Price"/>





      ...then I decided to remove the first column. It worked so well! But as I go by, Flash Builder does compile my code but the AIR window is stuck only on "Task Manager". Meaning, the AIR window is not appearing on my screen. After trying several UNDOs to the point of getting back on this datagrid, it worked well again that the window is back on screen. Then I noticed, when I remove the first column but still with a dataTipField set to it from the DataGrid (not the GridColumn), Flash Builder compiles the code but no AIR window again.


      I tried to copy and paste my source code to new projects, still the AIR window is not doing good. It remains hidden on the TaskManager waiting to be "End Process"ed. Then I even tried making some new projects that not even a "Hello World" trace called on the application's "initialize" event would not make that AIR window appear.


      Please, tell me how what to do about this. Probably there are some settings for the compiler to clear up the cache (if it has?) or do some flushing??



      Big thanks to those who can help me.. Thanks again!