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    No TimeCode in .wav files upon import to project

    Jeremy Saville

      I'm working with PP 5.5 on a Mac running Lion and I'm importing externally recorded .wavs recorded from a SoundDevices 788T into my project so I can sync them back up using TC with my .r3d files, but when I open them the majority of them have no TimeCode connected.  The odd part is that there are some that do.  And if I open these very same files in FCPX the TC is clearly there. This is exceptionally frustrating as I need to re-sync sound with picture.  So if someone could help me out that would be great. I've unistalled and re-installed Premiere 3 times now.  This is also a known issue as there's thread about it on RedUser.com



      Thanks in advance for any help, just trying to get my film cut.