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    Possible to auto-check a check box?

    kmc27 Level 1

      I know how to script to select a group of checkboxes via a single checkbox, but is it possible to go the other way and select a single checkbox when any one of a group of checkboxes is selected?


      I have a form with a 8 groups of multiple checkboxes The number of checkboxes in these groups vary from 3 to 64 checkboxes.


      When any one of those checkboxes in those 8 groups is checked, I would like another checkbox at the top of my form to automatically be checked, kind of like a tip-off for any subsequent viewers of the completed form that at least one of those checkboxes in the group of 8 was checked..


      The checkboxes in the 8 groups are named in a hierachical fashion, for example group 1 is:









      group 2 checkboxes are:









      Is there a way I can take use the top level of the hierarchy for these groups of checkboxes ("chk_mkt_eb" and "chk_mkt_bos") to control another checkbox?


      Specifically, checkbox A is a the top of page one of a 3 page form. It is normally unchecked. Checkboxes 1 - 200 (part of the 8 groups) are on pages 2 and 3 of the form. If any one of those 200 checkboxes are selected, I would want checkbox A to automatically get a checkmark.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.