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    Using Air 2.7 in Flash


      I recently updated my Adobe Air from 2.0 to 2.7. Doesn't this mean that my Flash CS5.5 will also have the option of using this version of Air as a player? I checked but I couldn't find it. It went only till Air 2.6


      The Reason I updated Air was because the Air Components for iOS refused to install when I tried installing Flash for the first time. I did a reinstall but it still didn't Install. The Air Website had a new 2.7 version which they say improves performance by a lot. So, I went ahead and downloaded since I needed the best performance for my iOS apps.


      So, is this new version of Air automatically intergrated to my Air Programs or do I need to do something else in order to make a Program for Air 2.7?


      So far my player options go only till Air 2.6 and Air for iOS.


      BTW I only downloaded Air 2.7 not the Air 2.7 SDK... Is the SDK required?