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    Text Anarchy or other text effects users?

    BVX3001 Level 1

      I'm looking for a way to occasionally and fairly quickly add some movement to titles or bring them onscreen in more interesting ways than just using the motion control. I've tried the Red Giant Text Ararchy trials, and for "not needing keyframes" it definitely seems to need a lot of configuration each time, and in ways that aren't very typical for Premiere effects keyframe programming (ie, start looking like that, use this effect to end up looking like this after so many frames, now figure out what comes in between). The lack of customizable presets and lack of documentation (with the trial anyway) doesn't help.  Are any of you using RGTA for this with success, or is there a better alternative?    I don't need the Matrix effects, cascading text, traffic pattern simulation, etc.

      I'm on 5.0 in Windows. Thanks.