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    i need help in installing free adobe reader and flash player latest downloads.


      I called Adobe and tried to get support on the free reader and flash player and they told me to go to Adobe.com and in the search engine type in cpsid_83641 for the reader and tn_19166 for the flash player. I tried this cpsid one first and it  won't download still. I have tried everything I know. But first the reason I need this is i was trying to read an email and it came up with a window I needed the latest download of adobe reader. I went out after it wouldnt let me read it and removed the adobe reader 8 and flash player 10.Then I went to adobe.com to download the free ones of these and it just won't do it. I called and those numbers to put in search engine didn't work either. If you can help me i would definitely appreciate it.