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    Media Export Hangs Premiere




      I'm producing commercials in Premiere CS5.5, using MXF source files.  Computer is a brand new 6 core Intel Xeon, 24 GB Ram, Windows 7, Matrox MXO2.


      When I go to Export > Media everything works fine, BUT, if I select H.264 in the "Format" dropdown menu, Premiere hangs for a long time - at least a full minute, showing the hourglass.  And once that stops, I click on "Export" it hangs again for about the same amount of time, before finally showing the export indicator bar and quickly finishing the export.


      My question is, what is going on during that time?  What is Premiere doing in the background when I select H.264 as the format?  And how can I eliminate that delay?  These are relatively small projects (30 seconds long) and the computer is very fast in all other situations, so it seems like a very disproportionate delay. Also, the media exporter doesn't behave that way with any other format, just H.264.


      Thanks for the help!