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    Locating movie clips on the timeline?

    modiophile Level 1

      Okay, how do you locate where a movie clip resides if you don't see it in the timeline!?  I was handed a Flash file in which there is a movie clip of an antimated button (lets call it button A) that I must swap out with another button (button B), but in order to do that I have to find the instance in which button A is used in the banner animation.


      Its been difficult since there are multiple layers and scrubbing through the animation doesn't even show when the instances of the button A reside!  The only time I see it, is when I export it.  Other than that, I have to scrub through and click on every layer and take a shot in the dark by locating the little movie clip circle - which 9 times out of 10 is not the one I was looking for...  Any help?  Thanks!