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    ExporterQuicktimehost.prm - Loading Hangup

    reformationdesigns Level 1

      I have searched high and low on the internet, through Adobe's help system (which is not even remotely helpful), and waited for literally HOURS on hold with "tech support", (which again, is not even remotely supporting), for this issue with the start up of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.


      I was having absolutely no problems with this whatsoever until out of nowhere, it stopped loading properly.  It takes at least five minutes to load and I have the same problem with After Effects --- in Premiere, it freezes at "'loading exporterquicktimehost.prm" and in After Effects it freezes at "Initializing MediaCore".

      I have seen hundreds of posts all over the internet from many others who have had this issue --- I have tried restarting, I have tried turning off my firewall, and everything else I know to do but STILL this issue has not even been remotely addressed.


      Can someone kindly help out?  This is ridiculously agitating when $1,600 worth of software all of a sudden stops working and Adobe seems to not even have the staff to address issues when they come up.


      There are people on other posts on here who have said that their issue was solved by messing with firewall settings but again, I have tried that and it did not do anything.

      I have tried renaming the files ExporterQuicktimehost.prm as well as ImporterQuicktime.prm and the program loads fine --- so it seems like something is wrong with the Quicktime/Adobe integration but again, this is not something that has been a problem in the past.

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