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    button is not workin when in html...

    jaciel2005 Level 1

      hi, can someone tell me why a button is not working when i test it in html?  i just did a simple button/movieclip for navigational purpose. trying to open a bowser


      code was placed inside a button symbol

      on (release) {

           getURL("http://www.somesite.com", "_self", "GET");





      i works when i play the swf file but is not working in the published html


      i try this too in a movieclip being in the stage


      mybtn.onRelease = function(){

           getURL("http://www.somesite.com", "_self", "GET");



      but still not working in html...




      P.S. im using as2 btw, i already configure the setting for working with flash player 8 and as2