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    Issue with UIScrollbar in multiple layers


      I am trying to pick up using Flash again since MX days. The version I am using now is CS2. I am working with the text tool using Dynamic Text. In order to get the alpha effect I have embeded some of the font properties and then convert to a movie clip. Right now I have 2 layers with one of these on each layer but I ultimately will have several more. I need the user to scroll through the text as it must have a fixed height. To get the scroll bar on each movie clip, I edit the symbol and drop the UIScrollbar component and drop it into the text. This works fine when I am only using this method in one layer. I noticed once I put this in a second layer, the layer below it will no longer scroll. The scroll bar is there, it just doesn't respond. If I move the first (bottom) layer to the top (above) the second layer, the first layer scrolling now works properly but the now the bottom layer scrolling does not work.


      Is there something else I need to be doing to make this work and should I be using another approach to accomplish this?