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    Finding specified numeric values, and organizing pages as such.




      First and foremost I know nothing about java, I want to learn, however at the current time I am teaching myself VBA so a full dive into Java will have to wait.

      With that being said, I have carton labels that my company uses to place on cartons marking things such as shipping information, carton number, store number etc.


      When the customer sends us the carton labels they come in pdf format and are organized in order of book SKU number. We need them to be organized in order of store number, which has it's own box/field on the carton label. Now it doesn't matter if something along the lines of a script searches for a whole text match, then pulls those pages into an excel spreadsheet or another pdf, and goes one by one through the numbers.


      The carton labels are a single label per page, so that makes it easier, I just havne't a clue how to program something like that in javascript. I wouldn't mind learning the language myself and doing it, but I am currently occupied studying VBA (as stated above).


      I took a VB class in college, so I have had some exposure to programming. If someone could just lay it out for me about how I need to go about this, then I'm sure my friend google can help fill in the gapes. (the more detail when "laying it out" the better)


      If you need anymore information than I've given just say so, but I've spent about a week purusing forums here there and little java tutuorials (practically useless) to see if I could at least get some idea of the logical process to step through the problem.  So, I really need someone to come through for me .


      Thanks and Have a Nice Day,