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    Node deletion


      Hi guys,


      I've recently started testing LC suite...my query is suppose i've already deployed a service, and then later i'm asked to delete one node from the process work flow..and lets say at the given point the node has pending documents..so when i delete the node and re-deploy the service what happens to those pending documents? is there a way to handle this in LC rather than troubleshooting it by updating the values in the database..



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          leesutton Level 3

          While adding steps or changing steps in an active process is usually not a big problem, deleting a step in an active process where documents have already reached that step, is a really bad idea.


          The best way to handle this is to let your documents finish out their life in the current process and make your modifications to a new process with a new version number including the new modifications. The two versions of your process can be active with new processes kicking off the new version, and older documents finishing out their life in the old process.


          If you really do need to make modifications to your current process, handle your problem by adding steps to the end of the process or making modifications to current steps. Again, it's not recommended unless you're really in a bind.