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    Saving a booklet as a PDF to print?


      So in InDesign CS4 I've made a 24 page booklet on my Mac. Each  page is of an A5 size and horizontal, so when you see the spread, there  are 2 A5 pages to be printed onto each A4 piece of paper. So 24 A5 pages  in total means 12 A4 pages. In the InDesign document when I go to the  Print Summary preview, this is the case. This is good, it is what I  want.
      I have Exported it to save it as a PDF file on my USB so I can print it  off the PC computer here that is connected to a printer. However when I  open up the file on either computer, there are 24 pages in total, each  of an A4 size. This is not what I want! I tried again, Exporting as a Spread, however the front and back covers are still A4 size and all the middle pages are in sequential order, which will not work when I print them and fold them together.
      Can someone please tell me how I can get the file to save as a PDF, but  still retain the original format of each page being A5 sized, with 2  placed on each page to be printed, so that I can print the pages double-sided in order to fold them together in correct order as a book?